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Many well known international brands have been jumping into the food truck scene lately, and not always because they’re looking to break into the food service industry – they’re renting food trucks for marketing and advertising campaigns focusing as much on brand reinforcement as recognition.

Recently we worked with two of the most recognised brands in Ireland – SuperValu and Centra. Whilst SuperValu hired one of our Food Trucks, and commissioned us to install a full box wrap for added effect, as the basis for an advertisement promoting their new freshly cooked in-house bakery range, Centra opted for utilising their Food Truck to promote their latest range of party and snack food. In both cases the use of our Food Trucks allowed the companies to store, prep, cook and serve their products onsite, with the help of brand ambassadors, ensuring optimum delivery of service and quality alongside brand reinforcement.

You don’t have to be a food company to reap the benefits of a Food Truck centred product sampling activation, either. The concept lends itself to any type of consumer product or service. If you can demonstrate your value to consumers on a personal level, you can succeed with a product sampling campaign and this was certainly the case when we worked with the Hilton Hotel Group who, through their agents, Stretch Communications (London), hired one of our vintage Airstream style trailers, and commissioned us to install bespoke branding, to promote their breakfast menu, specifically their new DIY waffle stations. This new breakfast feature was further supported by having two well known Irish celebrities, namely Keith Duffy (Boyzone) and Brian McFadden (WestLife) onboard the Airstream serving the freshly cooked waffle samples to a mid-morning commuter group outside Heuston Station in Dublin.

This kind of personalized experience allows customers to form a connection with the brand and give immediate feedback on what they enjoyed about the product furthermore the target audience was also actively encouraged to engage with the campaign on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Overall this high-impact activation was very well received and went on to feature heavily in online and subsequent print media.

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